1. "The lead singer for #Protomartyr has the hardest dad vibes of all time. Sick band tho."

  2. "Lead singer looks like a high school math teacher"

  3. Joe Casey was like a demented yet understated lounge singer.”

  4. Pretty sure the lead singer of Protomartyr may be my loan officer on my condo.”

  5. "looks like a disgruntled middle manager after a cocaine breakfast" 


  6. "A post punk band where the singer dresses and looks like business casual Jeff Daniels, but completely kicks ass."

  9. "I think the ‘degenerate community college professor’ vibe is working quite well for this band. The TA on drums, and a couple stoners form Freshman Comp on bass and guitars. Like they were smoking together on the quad and the jaded prof started in on how kids today don’t even know the fucking Stooges and the stoners were like no we totally do and he said fuck you let’s go to the media room and DO THIS."

  10. “one guitar, one bass, one drummer, not really playing blues-based rock with a singer that can’t sing.”