1. You get the impression that these guys don’t spend their time sipping lattes and eating foie gras.”

  2. The one who looks like a Belgian lorry driver is lead singer Joe Casey”

  3. "Is this: (a) your substitute English teacher hungover from a wine and cheese night, giving a lecture on Shakespeare or (b) Joe from Protomartyr giving the best show I’ve seen this year?"

  4. "The lead singer for #Protomartyr has the hardest dad vibes of all time. Sick band tho."

  5. "Lead singer looks like a high school math teacher"

  6. Joe Casey was like a demented yet understated lounge singer.”

  7. Pretty sure the lead singer of Protomartyr may be my loan officer on my condo.”

  8. "looks like a disgruntled middle manager after a cocaine breakfast" 


  9. "A post punk band where the singer dresses and looks like business casual Jeff Daniels, but completely kicks ass."